Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lagi tentang yahudi puji ke keji?????

ini adalah sebahagian daripada celebrities berbangsa yahudi yang barangkali termasuk dalam senarai yang kita atau anak2 kita minati. bagi saya, menguasai maklumat sangat penting dan terpulanglah kepada tanggapan masing2. yang penting saya dah bagitahu!

1. Barry Manilow — Rolling Stone Magazine named Barry ‘The Showman Of Our Generation’.
2. Susanna Hoffs — Lead singer of the girl group ‘The Bangles’.
3. Bob Dylan — ‘changed the face of rock and roll forever’.
4. Al Jolson — 1920’s Broadway singer: Baby Face, Sonny Boy, My Mammy and Carolina In The Morning
5. Lou Reed — lead singer of velvet underground, groundbreaking 60’s band, connections to andy warhol
6. Billy Joel — Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter (’Just The Way You Are’, ‘Uptown Girl’, ‘Piano Man’)
7. Marc Bolan — (born Mark Feld) was the guitarist/vocalist of the rock band T. Rex.
8. Elvis Presley — The King of Rock and Roll – yes, the King has unbroken Jewish maternal ancestry.
9. Barbra Streisand — The first performer to win an Oscar(2), Emmy(4), Tony(1), Grammy(10) and Golden Globe(10) Awards.
10. Neil Diamond — 36 years of powerfull music and still going strong!
11. Craig David — The popular soul sensation from Southampton, England.
12. Evan and Jaron Lowenstein — Successful Pop Stars (They are twins)
13. Paula Abdul — Grammy/Emmy award winning Singer, Dancer, Choreographer
14. Bette Midler — Singer and Actress: ‘The Rose’, ‘The First Wives Club’, ‘Beaches’, ‘Down and Out in Beverly Hills’
15. Beastie Boys — The first caucasian rap group
16. David Lee Roth — Former front man of the Mighty Van Halen, and solo artist
17. Paul Simon — One of the finest songwriters of our time: Sounds of Silence, Bridge over Troubled Water
18. Art Garfunkel — Singer and Songwriter: Scarborough Fair, Feelin’ Groovy, Mrs. Robinson, The Sound of Silence
19. Carole King — singer/songwriter of numerous hits like ‘You’re Got a Friend,’ ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Up on the Roof’
20. Phish — popular band, grateful dead cover band
21. Mick Jones — Lead guitarist for the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever, the Clash
22. Gene Simmons — Bass, Lead Vocals for the rock band ‘KISS’
23. Gavin Rossdale — Lead singer of British rock group Bush
24. Jakob Dylan — Lead Singer of ‘The Wallflowers’ and Bob Dylan’s Son
25. Leonard Cohen — songwriter, poet, novelist and singer
26. Paul Stanley — Lead singer for the rock band Kiss
27. Beck Hansen — the Grammy-winning pop star
28. Raoul Journo — popular Tunisian singer & oud player
29. Lenny Kravitz — singer; 1999 Grammy: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance
30. K. D. Lang — country rock singer from Canada
31. Adam Duritz — lead singer for the alternative band Counting Crows
32. Dana International — Israeli transsexual Eurovison winner
33. Randy Newman — singer/composer: 12 Academy Awards nominations, ‘Short People’, ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’
34. Salima Pasha — most popular female Iraqi singer since the early 1930s (Salima Murad)
35. Phranc — self-proclaimed ‘all-American Jewish lesbian folk singer’
36. Perry Farrell — lead singer of Jane’s Addiction
37. Justine Frischmann — Elastica’s Jewish frontwoman
38. Danny Elfman — lead singer for ‘Oingo Boingo’
39. Lisa Loeb — the first unsigned artist to top the American charts
40. Mel Torme — silken-voiced pop and jazz singer and actor: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting in an open fire)
41. Joseph Schmidt — pre ww2 tenor in Germany, died Switzerland during the war
42. Yves Montand — famous French actor/singer
43. Arlo Guthrie — singer/composer of ‘Alice’s Restaurant’
44. Dinah Shore — singer, actress and TV personality
45. Friedrich Schorr — leading Wagnerian bass-baritone of the 1920s and 1930s
46. Lainie Kazan — actress and singer: My Favorite Year, Beaches
47. Beverly Sills — vast opera career, performing over 90 opera roles
48. Theodore Bikel — actor, singer, linguist, storyteller, activist
49. Christopher Baron — lead singer of the ‘Spin Doctors’

Pereka Fesyen
1. Calvin Klein — famous clothes designer (brand of clothing)
2. Ralph Lauren — (Ralph Lipshitz) world famous fashion designer (brand of clothing)
3. Pauline Trigere — 1940s-50s fashion designer, she created the first reversible coat
4. Levi Strauss – Levi’s Brand, inventor of blue jeans, the quintessential American garment
5. Isaac Mizrahi — fashion designer, starred in Unzipped
6. Kenneth Cole — fashion designer who’s married to Mario Cuomo’s daughter

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